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Project Home Page for Slash-MozBar

What is it? This project was created to give sites based on Slashcode a nice looking Mozilla / Netscape 6.0+ sidebar tab.
Who would use it? Anyone with a site using Slashcode, versions 2.x and higher. It may work with older versions, but we sure haven't tested it ;)
What libs/modules are required? Time::Local, XML::Parser and the stock Slash modules. Namely, Slash::Constants.
The optional image resizing relies on ImageMagick and its perl modules.
How does it work? The main engine is simply a task to be run by slashd. The task will read the generated rootdir/sitename.xml file and parse it, saving the output as rootdir/mozbar.html.

If anyone has experience working with Microsoft Internet Explorer, I'd appreciate suggestions on how to make this work with Explorer Bars. Thus far, I've been able to temporarily replace existing bars with the HTML output of Slash-MozBar. I have read about adding custom bars via registry edits, but I am not so sure how willing the average surfer will be to merge foreign code with their system registry ;)


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Version History
Created:   13 August 2003