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Personal Space: Everybody needs one.

You might be wondering why I felt the need to add a "personal" section to a site based solely on my own interests. Heck, I'm even wondering about it myself as I write this! In a rare display of clarity, I'm going to declare this section for topics about me and my family life. See the difference? I knew you would...

  • Erin and Scott's "Wedding 2001"
    In memory of what has been the most significant experience in my life thus far, I present this archive on information my marriage to Erin Harrold in October of 2001. This treasure trove of information and photographs has been preserved for the benefit for future generations (and nosy folks like yourself).
  • My Resume
    No good personal space is complete without a plea for large quantities of American dollars in exchange for a small amount of hard work. That kind of thinking is what made the "Dot Com Era" great (1996 - 2002). If you've got too much money and are looking for some way to unload it, I think I can help you out...
  • GPG Key
    PGP-compatible public key generated with the open-source GNU Privacy Guard.
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