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Erin and Scott's Wedding 2001

Who: Erin Harrold and Scott Sorrentino
Date: October 27, 2001
Time: Ceremony - 3:30pm
Reception - 6:30pm
Location(s): Ceremony:
Saint Peter's RC Church
Liberty, NY

Eagle's Nest Restaurant
Bloomingburg, NY
Scott and Erin

Information and Updates:

They've been a few months in the making, but the wedding photos have finally made their way online, with special thanks to our new photo album software.
Are you the last person on earth to find out who is in our wedding party? Probably not, but if I were you I'd visit the bridal party page and wouldn't risk it..
Did you know we're planning to honeymoon in Mexico? If not, we've put together a page with some juicy tidbits you might enjoy, if you're curious like that =).
On August 18, 2001 Erin's bridesmaids threw her a wedding shower in Syracuse. We have pictures and assorted info here.
An event somewhat related with Erin and Scott's wedding, Best Man Geoff Belknap was himself married on August 11, 2001. Congrats go out to Geoff and his new bride Kim!
I know they're still working on their wedding page(s), but we have a small smattering of pictures and info.
Directions and Lodging Information
Pictures of the Eagle's Nest
Liberty, NY Town Information [external]
Sullivan County Information [external]
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