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Erin and Scott's Wedding 2001 - Bridal Party

Erin Sorrentino Erin is our blushing bride. Okay, while she may not be blushing in this picture, take our word for it =) It certainly can be difficult helping to plan a wedding 2-3 hours away, but Erin has shown amazing coolness throughout the entire process. She has been known to catch an NFL game on television with Scott from time to time, but her real sporting interests lie mainly in figure skating and tennis. Erin has been known to kick Scott's butt out on the court, so watch out! She also enjoys curling up with a good book, especially to pass the time when Scott's playing on his laptop =)
Jess and Pete Jessica is Erin's best friend, and coincidentally her Maid of Honor. She's the one on the left, seen here with her boyfriend Pete. Erin and Jess have known each other since way back in elementary school. Their families spent many summers camping together, including the famous trip cross-country and the bi-annual trips to Little Pond. She can play a mean game of pool, but don't ask about her tennis game or bowling score =)
Trish and Sean Trish, one of Erin's bridesmaids, has known Erin since they were both too young to remember. She is pictured here, at her wedding, with husband Sean. Erin and Trish were rarely apart when they were little, in fact you might have mistaken them for sisters. Nothing has been able to keep them apart, not even Trish moving away to the opposite end of the state. Trish is infamous for dragging Erin on road trips and forcing Erin to be the sane, practical one when they get together with Jess.
Amy Sorrentino Amy is Scott's sister and one of Erin's bridesmaids. Amy loves music and has always had a beautiful singing voice. She's also taken a fancy to the Spanish language and culture, and spent her last semester in college studying in Spain (or España, for you Spanish speakers out there =) You can catch her teaching some Spanish language courses at the university while she pursues her Masters degree. Amy was also a local spelling bee champ back in the day (resulting in a nice vacation for the whole family when she went to nationals in Washington, D.C.), so be sure to ask her to spell something - she just loves that! =)
Scott Sorrentino Scott is not only the man behind this website, but he's also the groom. We hope to see him at the wedding without his laptop, which some have suggested might actually be another appendage. Outside the world of computers, he has many interests, like.... ummm... hmmm - let me get back to you =) Seriously, he likes many things, Erin being at the top of the list. Don't get me started on his sense of humor - if Erin has to watch one more "Seinfeld" episode or the "Naked Gun" movie series again, she'll scream (of course, he can always pop in the "Matrix" DVD =)
Geoff Belknap Geoff, pictured here at his wedding in August, is Scott's Best Man. Geoff is a computer geek, a quality common to a few members of this entourage, and met Scott when they were both technical support reps for LocalNet. He has authored his share of web sites, from the humble beginnings of the "Amazing-Stupendous Page of Geoffrey Belknap" to his newest creation, "". He's taken his fair share of flak for the spelling of his name - in fact, a recent software download was denied because the system insisted he supply his "real" name =)
Nick and Lisa Nick is Scott's cousin and one of his ushers. You might catch his band, L.M.C. Pride, in the recording studio putting in some hard hours on their new CD. You also might catch Nick at the courthouse during his internship as a "legal beagle" =)
Brian Harrold Brian, seen here in the best picture of him we could find, is Erin's older brother and another of Scott's ushers. Brian is one of those true sports fanatics who is always rooting for his hometown favorites. Not even his years at college in Pennsylvania could sway his loyalty from the Giants and the Yankees to the bandwagon-favorite Eagles and Phillies =) If he's not watching the game you can probably find him playing the latest and greatest football/baseball/hockey game on his computer.
All but Wayne
Scott and Wayne
Let us not forget the parents who, without which, none of this would be possible (for many reasons). Here we see, from left in addition to Erin and Scott, Erin's parents Leon and Jean Harrold (our hosts for the festivities) along with Scott's mother Dianne Sorrentino. This picture, by the way, was taken after the new family dined in elegance at the Eagle's Nest =) His father, Wayne, is not posing in the picture (he was behind the camera), but if you look closely you can see him in the upper left of the mirror. You can see a much clearer view of Wayne Sorrentino in the next picture, along with Scott.
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