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Web Comics
Looking for a way to combine your love of wasting time and side-splitting laughter? Why not spend some time with our Comic Scout and his collection of comic strips?

GPG Key Change
Those of you using PGP for email or file signature validation may be interested in knowing my GPG key changed as of November, 2004. Make sure you update those keyrings!

Spam Of the Week
Sick of spam? Wish you could meet the senders in person and introduce them to Mister Crowbar? Why not channel that rage and frustration into some sarcastic humor with our Spam Of the Week. This week's topic: Those Peanuts are Complimentary...
Viruses and Spam Got You Down?
Everybody hates spam. Everybody hates viruses. I realize I'm generalizing here but stick with me for a second. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an open, free alternative that helped solve both problems? If only...

Lost? Adrift? In Need of Help?
Wondering what the heck this site is all about? Perhaps a quick glance at our "About Us" page will clear things up.

When CS Geeks Find Love
It may come as a shock but yes, we computer-geek types do sometimes fall in love. For the disbelievers among you, I've an entire section on my wedding in October of 2001. Sorry ladies, that terminal is taken...

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