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Those Peanuts are Complimentary..

Spam Of the Week Welcome to the first ever Spam Of the Week, or as I like to call it, "SOW". Every week, or whenever I find something particularly interesting, we feature a piece of unsolicited email or "spam" that seems to stand out for one particularly funny reason or another. Our inaugural entry comes from the fine folks over at "Liquidated Freight".

Public speakers know that a good way to loosen up your audience is to open with a joke. The same concept works well for this advertisement, teasing us into opening their message with the promise of a punch line to complete the subject, "A Guy Walks Into A Bar...". I won't ruin the joke for you by explaining it here but let's just say it's the best part of this spam, unless you count the free knife.

Yes, that's right: a free knife! If a little bit of humor didn't reel you in, this fine, multi-function, silver-looking and quite possibly well-ventilated knife would certainly close the deal. Until, of course, you realize that you'll need to purchase over $25 worth of close-out items to claim your prize. Oh, but it looks so rugged against that rocky backdrop...

This message definitely wins, hands-down, as one of the best non-pornographic advertisements I have ever received. To our newfound friends at Liquidated Freight: For your innovative technique of luring us with a joke and following that up with a fine quality pocketknife complete with can opener, saw, scissors, corkscrew and, of course, blades, we present you the first ever SOW Award.

Message Detail:
From:Liquidated Freight <>
Subject:    A Guy Walks Into A Bar...


...and the bartender gets his drink, and someone says, "Nice Tie." The man looks around and sees nobody. Someone says, "Nice Shirt." The man asks the bartender, "Who said that?" The bartender replies, "It's the peanuts, they're complimentary."


Receive this knife FREE with a purchase of $25 or more.

Reference coupon #324

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