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Three Cheers for the Spam Of the Week!

    Let's be clear; we're not talking about new recipies for Hormel's canned meaty, food-like product here. Nearly every email user receives some form of junk mail, unsolicited bulk email (UBE) and unsolicited commercial email (UCE), collectively referred to as "Spam". Some of us, especially those of us who fearlessly post our email addresses on the web, receive more than others. The consensus, regardless of the message counts, is that spam is a problem and generally annoying. You can filter spam, black-list servers that allow it to pass, swear at it and annoy your co-workers and relatives by complaining about it, but none of these really seems to help.

    I've noticed that some spam is actually quite humorous if you take the time to read it. Broken english, hilarious claims, even amusing images help to ease the pain of a spam deluge. Out of this observation has grown the deceitfully-titled series, "Spam Of the Week", or "SOW". While I'd be hard pressed to do this every week, these articles try to highlight a particularly odd or amusing slice of spam in an effort to creatively vent my frustrations. Take it for what it's worth, but laughing at spam is much more productive than becoming upset or swearing at it ;)

[SOW] August 6, 2003 - Those Peanuts are Complimentary..

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