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1997 Chevy BlazerJust some pictures Erin and I took of my 1997 Chevrolet Blazer.
Belknap WeddingOn August 11, 2001, Erin and I attended the wedding of Geoff and Kim Belknap out in Olean, NY.
While I'm sure they have plenty of pictures on their web site, these are the pictures we took.
Erin and Scott's WeddingOn an unseasonably cold autumn day, Erin Harrold and Scott Sorrentino were married. Braving cold temperatures and random bursts of snowfall, all those involved defied nature to make it a day to remember. Here we present our photo album, complete with "offical" photos from the photographer as well as family and friend-contributed photos. There are over 400 pictures here, so find a comfortable chair and enjoy!
House PicturesOn September 12, 2003, Erin and I closed on our first house. Here we present various photos of our new home.
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