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Scott Sorrentino's Resume:
Also available for download in the following formats: ASCII Text, Microsoft Word, PDF.

Note: As of 5/2/2005, I am happily employed by Cornell University and am not looking for new employment. However, if you have large bags of money lying around and are wondering if I might have a use for them, my resume and contact info is below.

Scott M. Sorrentino

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
State University of New York at Buffalo

Professional Experience:
Cornell University
May, 2005 - Present
Senior Programmer/Analyst
NaviSite / ClearBlue Technologies
June, 2002 - April, 2005
Unix Systems Engineer
  • Maintain, monitor and secure Linux, Solaris and Tru64 systems.
  • Install and administer server application software including Apache, ColdFusion, iPlanet, Sendmail, Tomcat and WebSense.
  • Respond to and provide forensic analysis for security breaches.
  • Administer Legato Networker enterprise backup system and hardware, including ATL P3000/Sun L11000 and Sun L3500 tape libraries.
  • Automate existing procedures and customer-facing applications.
  • Provide on-call support as needed for systems under my care.
AppliedTheory Corporation
October, 2000 - June, 2002
Unix Administrator
  • Maintained, monitored and secured corporate Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Administered server application software including Apache, ColdFusion, MeetingMaker (calendaring), Remedy (ticket tracking) and Sendmail.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained spam-filtering, virus-scanning corporate email system using primarily free/Open Source software.
  • Served on corporate security team.
  • Developed and maintained browser-based equipment and network tracking database.
  • Assisted desktop support personnel in maintenance of Linux workstations.
Oscar A. Silverman Undergraduate Library, SUNY at Buffalo
September, 1997 - September, 1998
Student Assistant
  • Responsible for updating the library's web site.
  • Created browser-based calendaring system in Perl for tracking library activities.
LocalNet Corporation
January, 1997 - October, 2000
Manager, Computing and Information Technology (June, 1999 - October, 2000)
  • Managed support staff of 10-15 people, including junior administrators and programmers.
  • Administered Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Maintained and upgraded Cisco-powered network spanning five POPs in two states, supporting upwards of 18,000 users.
  • Created browser-based database system to integrate all aspects of account management, billing and service administration.
  • Designed and implemented automated, unattended web-based account activation and management system to out-source those functions to both customers and potential customers at zero ongoing cost to the company.
  • Maintained internal 20-node PBX with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
Technical Support Manager (March, 1998 - June, 1999)
  • Managed staff of 5-10 telephone support technicians.
  • Responsible for providing second-level support to users and addressing customer complaints.
  • Designed and implemented web-based portal for support staff use, including an automated shift-scheduling system.
Support Technician (January, 1997 - March, 1998)
  • Provided telephone and email-based support to customers with connectivity and computer-related issues.
Skill Summary:
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.
  • Languages: C, C++, HTML, Perl, PHP, Unix Shell Script.
  • Operating Systems: Cisco IOS, Linux, Novell, OpenBSD, Solaris, Tru64, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
  • Security: FreeS/WAN, GnuPG/PGP, IPFilter, IPTables, PF, Snort IDS.
  • Services: Apache, BIND, ColdFusion, OpenSSH, Qpopper, Sendmail, Tomcat, WebSense.
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