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Musings of a technical sort.

    Random thoughts on technology.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam with Sendmail and Mailscanner
An article I wrote for the now-defunct in June of 2003. I was looking for a (largely) free and open solution to the common problem of stopping viruses and junk mail at the server level and the Sendmail/Mailscanner solution was a perfect fit. To date, this piece has been the site's most popular article, drawing in over four thousand page hits. Perhaps that's a small hint that I need to do more articles like this ;)
SSL/TLS Explained
I originally wrote a piece on what SSL/TLS was and how it worked to explain why I used it on It wasn't long before search engines picked it up and started referring people to my little site-specific blurb. I've since re-worked the piece to be a bit more comprehensive and non-site specific while still maintaining a high-level view devoid of as much techno-babble as possible.
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Version History
Created:   24 July 2003  
Updated:   31 July 2003   Added "SSL/TLS Explained"
    04 November 2003   Added Mailscanner piece from Kill-HUP